Advice on Health Management

The reasons why you decide to invest in the health of your employees can be very diverse. For instance, you want to invest in the vitality of your employees, because your absence through illness numbers are too high. But it’s also a worthy investment when you have a big fluctuation in employees, want to attract high potentials, or simply want to showcase your attractiveness as an employer. Which steps to take, what services to use? We are happy to help you.

Exploratory discussion

First, we’ll try to get an insight into the health situation of your employees. Next, we’ll continue to assess the wishes of the employer and the employees. Is there public support? Which Health Management is most fitting?

Questions from practice

What questions do we receive from our clients about Health Management?

  • ‘The past two years our absence through illness numbers have increased from 3.2% to 4.1%, how is this possible? And how do we make sure this percentage goes down?’
  • ‘Many of our employees are overweight and have physical complaints. The company physician often labels this as ‘psychological complaints’ and prescribes rest. Subsequently the employee is sitting at home and nothing happens. What can we as the employer do about these problems?’
  • ‘One of our employees is having a lot of psychological problems and is often stressed, but she doesn’t participate in chair massage or other things that the company organizes. How can I motivate her to join in with these activities? She is at risk of dropping out, and we don’t want to lose her.’
  • ‘All employees receive a workplace assessment when they start or change workspace. Some people receive a special chair, others a foot stool or another mouse. Other colleagues then want the same chair or mouse. This is becoming too costly and is unnecessary in our opinion. How do I deal with these requests?’
  • ‘We have a lot of short-term absence through illness within our organization. It seems like it’s become company culture that it’s normal to call in sick 1 or two days on a regular basis. How can we make sure that goes down?’

As you can see, these are diverse questions, that all need a different approach. That’s why we like to give you advice tailored to your needs. Do you want to have a non-binding consult to discuss your questions? Don’t hesitate to contact