Workplace assessment

Preventing physical symptoms and absence

Workplace assessment is used to prevent bottlenecks, complaints or absence. Physical strain, unfavourable working posture and stress are important causes for complaints and absence. Therefore, a relaxed working posture, both mentally as physically, is very important. The workplace assessment provides proper insight in this. Workplace assessment is also used by us on behalf of the legally required Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E).

What’s workplace assessment?

During workplace assessment a senior ergonomist assesses the work situation and provides advice and guidance. Employees gain insight into the proper layout of the workspace and get a good overview of the physical and mental taxation. After a workplace assessment, employees can set up the workspace on their own, and they know how to work in a healthy way thanks to the knowledge they have acquired. This will reduce or even prevent physical complaints.

Workplace assesment after symptoms?

Does the employer already have work related symptoms? In this case the workplace assessment is more extensive. We take workspace set-up, working posture, but also behavioural aspects into account. If needed, we include the supervisor, and contact the physiotherapist or other involved experts.

Ergonomic furniture

We are very experienced in providing workplace assessment and advice. In our reports of the workplace assessment we give targeted advice on ergonomic furniture that, needless to say, complies with the current NEN-norms and health and safety regulations.

Ergo coach training

Companies often also opt to train employees to ergo coach gives advice to colleagues on how to do computer work in a healthy way. Simple questions about workspace settings and working posture can be solved internally this way. The ergo coach training is an in-house training.

Adjusting the workplace on your own

Do you want to get a head start on the correct setting of the workplace or do you work from home?  Check this website of the RSI-association.