Here is a selection of (regular) customers who make use of our chair massages, workplace assessment or ergonomic consultation, i.e.

“We’ve been inviting Bots BodyWorks to our European Health, Safety and Well-being Day for several years already at DENSO EUROPE B.V. in Weesp.
Everyone is extremely enthusiastic that we have (re)hired Bots BodyWorks for this day. Our colleagues are left relaxed and obviously enjoyed themselves very much.”

Jorien Nicolaas, secretary, Denso Europe B.V.

“Broadcast Text Amsterdam has been making use of Bots Bodyworks’ services for a long time to great satisfaction. The chair massage is very popular amongst our employees. The masseurs are professional and sociable. Our employees state that they benefit greatly and for that reason we’ve recently doubled the frequency.”

Hans de Jong, Manager, Broadcast Text Amsterdam

“We’ve been working with Bots Bodyworks for a few months now and are extremely satisfied with the quality of the massages. We are looking forward to when our regular masseuse Jamilla drops by. This is a guaranteed wonderful relaxing moment to escape the hectic workspace.”

Sarah Annema, officemanager, Emakina.

“The ergonomist helped us very well with workplace assessment and the purchase and settings of several new desks and chairs.”

Tike de Boer, Stichting Lezen.

“We use Bots Body Works for workplace assessment at The British School in The Netherlands – they have a very professional way of working and communicating. Their ergonomists / physiotherapists are highly skilled and have helped our staff in need of a better workplace with good advice and recommendations. It’s our aim to keep staff happy & healthy and BotsBodyWorks supports us with this in a great way.”

Irene Grujic-de Klerk, HR Officer, The British School.

“The masseurs of Bots BodyWorks are professional with attention to detail.
Within 20 minutes they know how to loosen up the muscles of our team members and to create deep relaxation. But they also go beyond and if it’s needed, they give our people exercises or focus points.”

Bram Opdam, Director Driebit.

“Bots BodyWorks provides tailor-fit massages. Whether your preference leans to rough or more relaxed, all massages are super nice.
Combined with the thorough knowledge of the masseuse it’s not until after that you feel the state you were in! An absolute recommendation!”

Officemanager, Law firm in Amsterdam.

“Bots BodyWorks has been providing chair massages during our high season for 5 years now. Everybody goes back to work after half an hour completely recharged. During this collaboration I’ve gotten to know Freekje Bots as an energetic person who thinks along with our organization!”

Miriam Mulder, HR Advisor, Allianz Global Asstiance.

Answering the question on how the chair massages were received during the team day:

“Everything was very well received! It’s absolutely delightful to be able to relax for a while. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to have my turn, my colleagues come first of course. Thanks for your service!”

Klarin de Regt, Director of Human Resources, Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel.

“Every single one of us have yet again enjoyed the chair massage. Dana (masseuse) is really super good!”

Annelies Blom, Manager Sales Department, Muiswerk

“The masseurs of Bots BodyWorks drop by our office on a monthly basis to give a chair massage. Besides the fact that this is a wonderful moment of relaxation for everybody, it’s extremely beneficial to frequently receive a proper massage. I’m convinced this helps prevent symptoms when you sit behind a desk a lot!”

Stefanie Du Main, CEO/Director Owner, JBL&G

“We’ve been working with Bots Body Works for a while and are very satisfied. Our consultants are working very hard in a hectic environment on our sales floor, a moment of relaxation with a proper massage helps them perform optimally. The massages are professional and we receive suggestions on good posture. Definitely recommended.”

Mathijs Huibers, Business Manager Huxley Nederland

“Raúl&Rigel has been a satisfied customer for years now. Our people often have to deal with extreme deadlines, so a piece of relaxation through a chair massage of Bots Bodyworks is very welcome.

Alexis Verschueren, Director/owner, Raul & Rigel.

“We’ve been enjoying a relaxing chair massage monthly for years now. A quick escape from a hectic day. My colleagues and I are always looking forward to it, and are completely refreshed afterwards. Highly recommended!

Siham Habibi, Office Manager; HVR Group Den Haag

“BBW has got skilled professionals and has proven to continuously provide excellent services”

Ben Burgers, Director, VvE Beheer Amsterdam

“Chair massage is for the mouth hygienists of Acta a moment of relaxation, and the chair masseuse also focusses on individual symptoms and provides targeted exercises for complaints. Those who receive the chair massage are enthusiastic all across the board. It’s very convenient that the masseuse visits on location, this makes it very workable.”

Dr. M. Danser, Head patient care, Parodontology, Acta

“Through Bots Body Works we make use of chair massage, yearly workplace assessments and we’ve also had the RI&E done by a Bots Body Works consultant. The communication always runs very smoothly and sociable, in short a good collaboration and for me as HR-consultant it’s a nice way to receive support and consulting on health and safety.”

Anne ten Berge, HR advior, DSI

“The request for help was analysed correctly, so a fitting workplace assessment could take place. The approach of the work hygienist of Bots Bodyworks was pleasant and clear.”

Annet Zwaneveld, Team leader Clusterwonen, Leger des Heils.

“The charming appearance and professional approach of the masseuse made sure people lined up for the chair massages. I definitely recommend Bots Bodyworks and hope to be able to make use of your services again in the future.”

Jacqueline van Walbeek, Communicatieadvisor, Nationaal Archief.

“Gerard (ergonomist/Physiotherapist) concluded the short training workspace expert with us. Gerard is an extremely pleasant teacher, with attention fort he wishes and needs of both the organization and the participant.”

Hanita Koopmans, Coordinator Volunteers, Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid.