Health Management

Our services are focussed on the lifestyle of your employees. We react to the (movement) behaviour in the work environment and offer solutions to complaints and absence through illness. Sufficient energy and good health are important for anyone, including your organization. Our services are dynamic, because we respond to exactly what it is that your company specifically runs into in practice. We deliver innovative services that fit your demand and we accompany you with the implementation of these services.

Health Management pays off!

Are a heavy workload and a high absence through illness very familiar to you? Or do you have a low absence through illness, but do you want to be attentive to your employees and keep on investing in their well-being, to make sure this stays that way?

An organization investing in health can gain profit in many areas:

    • Decline in absence through illness;
    • Decline in work pressure;
    • More satisfaction;
    • Higher motivation;
    • Less fluctuation in employees;

Increase of organization popularity on the labour market;

This all results in a decline of costs, combined with a higher work productivity and better business results. We are happy to help you looking into how you can reduce absence through illness within your organization and how you can make optimal use of Health Management.