Health Checks

More and more companies pay attention to the well-being of their employees. For instance, by giving the employee the opportunity to become aware of his or her lifestyle. A way to make employees aware of the consequences of an (un)healthy lifestyle is through measuring their health.
What does a health check entail? A health and safety expert will execute the health checks within your business in company. We measure several relevant values and match these to a lifestyle suggestion.

Health Checks we can perform are:

  • Blood pressure;
  • Cholesterol;
  • BMI (length and weight);
  • Fat percentage;
  • Lung capacity;
  • Fitness test;
  • In addition, the health and safety expert or the company physician can conduct a periodic medical examination (PME/PMO).

What do you do when the results are in?

When the values are deviated, this is often a wake-up call for the employee. He wants to get started with improving his lifestyle. We give advice on what approach the employee can take. But you as an employer can also react to the lifestyle improvement of your employees. By offering a workshop stress prevention or chair massages for instance. We would love to advise you in this.

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