Risk inventory & evaluation is mandatory

It’s mandatory for organizations to compose a Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E). Testing the RI&E is not required with smaller companies <25, that make use of a certified RI&E instrument, but organizations with employee numbers of above 25 are required to get the RI&E tested by a health and safety expert. The RI&E also needs to be executed when there is a change of working method or after changes within the organization, like a reorganisation or a relocation.

Experienced health and safety experts

Bots BodyWorks works with experienced health and safety experts, who can execute as well as test RI&E. Besides, proper RI&E gives you the opportunity to do an inventory on the bottlenecks and the improvement areas within your company. The RI&E also supports proper employee and health policies (link pagina gezondheidsbeleid). Workplace assessment (link pagina werkplekonderzoek) is an important element of the RI&E within an organization with many computer workers.

Hour and cost assessment

The health and safety expert makes an assessment of the duration of the RI&E and the costs. Next, she proceeds with surveys and interviews, while using the knowledge that is already present. The amount of self-sufficiency is up to you. We can execute the RI&E completely, but we can also assist you in the execution.


DSI is one of the organizations where we have executed the RI&E. There are 30 computer workers working there, and the duration of the RI&I, including the assessment and testing, was 10 hours.
“The RI&E with plan of execution was for us a useful and suitable assessment of the organization, that we can easily implement. We will use this to streamline our additional human resources.” (HR manager, DSI).