Stress prevention

You will prevent stress amongst your employees through stress prevention. We notice that employees and managers experience a lot of stress, while not knowing how they can reduce this. Bots BodyWokrs offers several means of stress reduction to employees.

What does stress do to your body?

Stress means you’re functioning long-term under high pressure. Long-term stress prompts the body to produce large amounts of cortisol. When the body contains too much cortisol, people sleep less, and their immune system weakens. People become more perceptive to disease, both physically and mentally (viruses, burn-out, depression). This vicious circle of too much cortisol and not enough oxytocin must be broken. A chair massage is very beneficial to this. Your body produces oxytocin during a chair massage, which makes you relax.

How can you reduce stress?

We provide several scientifically supported methods, that cause a lot of progress.

Training stress prevention

How to recognize stress signals in yourself and your employees? What can you do about this and how do you enter a dialogue about this? These subjects come up during this training consisting of two half-day sessions.

Chair massage

During a chair massageyou produce oxytocin, also known as the relax hormone. Heart rate, blood pressure and respiration will decrease immediately, in short: a perfect resource against stress.

Training mindfulness

Through mindfulness employees learn how to quiet their mind. The mind works overtime during work, often accompanied by repetitive thoughts. This distracts the employee from his work. Mindfulness makes sure these thoughts are no longer in the way, so participants can focus more on their work.

Company yoga

Company yoga gets employees moving. Yoga relaxes body and mind, and is also easy to organize., because there are no investments necessary in space or equipment. It’s also very accessible to the group of employees who are usually not easily motivated to get moving. Effort is followed by relaxation.


Sometimes an individual approach is more suitable when it comes to reduce stress in people and get them to function better at work. In some situations, we offer an individual coaching program, perhaps combined with coaching of the entire team.